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Ireland-Japan Series Final Event

Documentary ’75 Years in Japan’

Friday 5th of April 7pm



The final event in the current series exploring connections between Ireland and Japan will be a documentary about Ireland’s last missionary nun in Japan about a Cork woman, Jennie O’Sullivan, who travelled to Japan in 1935 as a missionary nun, only finally returning to Ireland in 2000. The French St Maur order of which she was a member founded secondary schools for girls in Japan from the 1880s onwards and still runs a number of schools there. Despite being from a neutral country, she was interned in Japan during the Second World War but emerged at war’s end to continue teaching.


This 52-minute documentary is based largely on interviews with Jennie O’ Sullivan and the Japanese people who knew her.  


The film will be followed by a question and answer session with James Creedon, a journalist with the France 24 news TV station in Paris, who made the film.


"75 YEARS IN JAPAN' ("Thanks to your Noble Shadow")

a documentary about Ireland's last missionary nun in Japan








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