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Exploring the Many facets of Irish-German Relations

                          Centre for Irish-German Studies, University of Limerick
Activities 2019/20 – Spring semester 2020
                          Everyone is welcome to all of the events listed below

In his address to participants of the first event commemorating 90 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Ireland in the Irish Embassy in Berlin in June 2019, Simon Coveney T.D., Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade said: “Germany today is of vital importance to Ireland. One of our biggest trading partners, inward investment, investors and sources of tourism. And politically we have never been closer as we together protect and advance the interests of the European Union. In short, partners and friends more so today than at any other time in our history. So, as we mark 90 years of our official bilateral relationship, we are determined, both Germany and Ireland, to build on what we have already achieved.” (18 June 2019). Taking our cue from his words, we at the Centre for Irish-German Studies also want to build on the considerable work we have done so far and continue to explore many of the facets of Irish-German relations for the benefit of students and the interested general public - and show the relevance of these connections.

Professor Tom Lodge24 February 2020 – East German support for the struggle against apartheid, 1955-1989 – Lecture by Prof Tom Lodge, UL
Time and venue: 5pm in C1079, UL
The GDR was the first administration to offer support to South African political organisations opposing Apartheid. Tom Lodge, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies in the Department of Politics and Public Administration, will look at reasons, impact, significance and effects of this support.



Liam Ryan27 February 2020 – The need for foreign languages in the Irish economy – Lecture by Liam Ryan, CEO of SAP Ireland
Time and venue: 3pm in SG20, UL
Liam Ryan is SAP Labs Ireland managing director and winner of Great Places to Work’s Most Trusted Leader of 2016. SAP was founded in Germany in 1972 and came to Ireland over 20 years ago. It has offices in Dublin and Galway and employs close to 2,300 people across 41 lines of business.


Professor Dr Michael Braun27 February 2020 – Portraits by the Artist as Memory fictions: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's film "Never Look Away" (2018) – Lecture by Prof. Dr. Michael Braun, Berlin
Time and venue: 4pm in C1079, UL
Prof. Dr. Michael Braun is Head of the Literature Department of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin. He will talk about Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s latest movie, Werk ohne Autor (Never Look Away) and its novel approach to dramatizing memory. Organised in coordination with the German Department at Mary Immaculate College.


Renate Ahrens2 March 2020 – Reading by Renate Ahrens as part of Limericker Literaturgespräche plus workshops and discussions.
Time and venue: 4pm in ERB007, UL
Renate Ahrens is a very prolific and versatile German writer. Having lived in Dublin for over 30 years she has recently returned to Hamburg. Many of her novels contain Irish-German elements. She will be reading from her latest novel Der andere Himmel (published October 2019). Her reading is supported by the DAAD writer-in-residence scheme and takes place in coordination with NUIG and UCD.


Anna Kim14 April 2020 Reading by Anna Kim
Time and venue: 10am C1061, UL
Korean-Austrian writer Anna Kim was Austria's winner of the European Union Prize for Literature in 2012. She has published poetry and three novels. She will read from her 2017 novel Die große Heimkehr. Organised in conjunction with the Austrian Embassy.


Derek Scally16 April 2020 Reporting from Germany – Lecture by Derek Scally (Berlin)
Time and venue: 3pm SG20, UL

Derek Scally, the long-time Irish Times Berlin correspondent, will give a lecture on the challenges journalists face today, time in Berlin and the importance of language learning. His experiences of reporting from Germany for more than a decade has given him unique insights into national and European politics.


Sten Nadolny20 April 2020 – Reading by Sten Nadolny (Berlin) Das Glück des Zauberers (2017), part of Limericker Literaturgespräche
Time and venue: 3pm ERB007, UL
Sten Nadolny (Berlin) is one of the best-known German authors since the publication of Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit (1983), selected as one of the “100 must reads” of German literature in the 20th century. Nadolny will read from his latest novel, Das Glück des Zauberers which shows that he still manages to enchant reviewers and readers alike.


Sonya Permiakova21 April 2020 War poetry by British and Irish women – Lecture by Sonya Permiakova (Centre for British Studies, HU Berlin), part of CBS & CIGS “Encounters and Exchange” Initiative / Chair: Prof Meg Harper, UL
Time and venue: 3pm in C1079, UL
Sonya Permiakova is a lecturer at the Centre for British Studies at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin. She will present aspects of her PhD project on war poetry. The lecture will be of interest to anyone working on English and Irish literature and history.


Ralf Lissek23 April 2020 – Economic links Ireland and Germany – Lecture by Ralf Lissek, Head of the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Dublin)
Time and venue: 3pm SG20, UL
Ralf Lissek has been CEO of the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce for many years. Founded in 1980 in order to promote bilateral trade and investment between Germany and Ireland, the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce has become an Organisation whose 350 member companies from various industries benefit from the services and network.