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Enhancing Students’ Generic Digital Literacy Skills

Enhancing Students’ Generic Digital Literacy Skills


CALS, Centre for Applied Language Studies,

The School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics, and

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

are pleased to announce the second workshop in a series of workshops on Enhancing Students’ Generic Digital Literacy Skills:

Workshop 2: "Critical Digital Literacies: raising awareness of digital skills and competencies"


Dr Silvia Benini, University of Limerick


in collaboration with Dr Liam Murray and Dr Elaine Riordan


Date: Wednesday 24th February

Time 12.00 - 14:00

Venue: Room LC1-016


Workshops info: These workshops are intended as an interdisciplinary forum for students and faculty across all disciplines, by particularly focussing on the area of generic digital literacies and how to apply these skills for learning. The aim is to  create a space which will bring students and faculty together to explore and reflect upon the changing skills required in this technology-mediated environment. These workshops should be particularly useful for first year students to help them explore the skills of digital literacy and how to apply them to enhance their learning. Workshops such as these should also be extremely useful for faculty members to reflect and consider their own teaching development and how to engage students through enhancing their digital literacies.


Bio: Silvia Benini has just completed her PhD in the School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics at the University of Limerick where she works also as a tutor. She works also in the Cork English College as Italian language teacher. She holds a Laurea in Lettere Moderne from the Università degli Studi (Florence), specializing in Art History and the postgraduate diploma DITALS 2 in Teaching Italian as Foreign Language from the Universitá per Stanieri (Siena). She is involved in ICT and language studies both at undergraduate and postgraduate level and in research projects on Digital Literacies, Language Learning Strategies and Italian Teaching Pedagogy. Silvia is also a member of CALS (Centre for Applied Language Studies) research group in UL.





Teas and Coffees will be provided from 11.45.



We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Faculty Teaching Board for this initiative.




All are welcome!



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