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Dr Gisela Holfter - New Book!



Dr Gisela Holfter was interviewed about her new book (published with Dr Horst Dickel) on RTE’s “History Show” on 22 January. (for podcast, more information and picture see )


Refugees in Ireland in the Twentieth Century

Preparations are underway in Ballaghadreen, Co Roscommon, for the arrival in about six weeks of a group of refugees and asylum-seekers fleeing the civil war in Syria.  It’s far from the first time Ireland has received refugees.  To tell us about Irish experiences of German-speaking refugees in the 1930s and 40s; and with Vietnamese refugees in the 1970s, Myles is joined by Gisela Holfter, Senior Lecturer in German at the University of Limerick, and by Mark Maguire, Head of Anthropology at Maynooth University.

To contact the Vietnamese-born woman, Nguyen Nyung Mai, who spoke on the programme, and who is trying to gather information about the arrival in Ireland of the 'Vietnamese Boat People' in 1979, please email or

Click here for Gisela’s book about German-speaking refugees in Ireland.

Click here for Mark’s book about Vietnamese refugees in Ireland.