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A SIM Talk by Shauna Holden will take place before lunch tomorrow Tuesday October 25th. The SIM Talk will consist of a 15 minute presentation followed by discussion.

Speaker:               Shauna Holden, University of Limerick, Life Sciences Department

Topic:                    Flow Cytometry: Biophysical Analysis Abstract

Time:                    12.30p.m. Tuesday October 25th 

Location:              MACSI seminar room, A2-002

Short Abstract:                 Flow cytometry is a highly efficient technique used for the biophysical characterisation of many different cell types across a range of disciplines. This laser based biotechnology works on the principle of scattered and excited light signal detection and can assess large numbers of cells in tens of seconds. This talk will provide a basic introduction to flow cytometry with regards both practical and theoretical uses, as well as the challenges, in sperm cell functional analysis.