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Protection effects in predator-prey systems

A SIM Talk by John Donohue will take place before lunch tomorrow Tuesday October 4th. The SIM Talk will consist of a 15 minute presentation followed by discussion.

Speaker:        John Donohue, University of Limerick, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Topic:                  Protection effects in predator-prey systems

Time:                   12.30p.m. Tuesday October 4th   

Location:            MACSI seminar room, A2-002


Short Abstract:                 In many animal species, recruitment is facilitated by adults' efforts to protect offspring from predation. Theoretical studies of this phenomenon have usually focused on resolving the conflict between an individual's self-preservation and its attempts to successfully reproduce. While the decision to protect is made at the level of a single individual, the aggregation of these decisions may affect population density and structure. This idea motivates the development of an age-structured predation model that is compatible with the protective behaviour of prey. Using this model, we consider the population-level implications of protection in the context of different levels of predation.


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