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Postdoctoral funding opportunities in MACSI



Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Limerick


This list is not exhaustive.  If you are interested in joining MACSI, you are encouraged to contact a prospective mentor/supervisor in the first instance.  You may also contact acting Head of Department to discuss other opportunities.


Specific-Purpose Contracts

  • MACSI faculty use funding from research grants and from SFI Research Centres to hire postdoctoral researchers for specific projects in applied mathematics and statistics.  Typical research areas include statistics, networks, fluid/solid mechanics and pharmaceuticals, but projects can cover a broad range of applications.  Open calls may be found by visiting the UL Vacancy page.



  • Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (MCSA):  Two- and three-year postdoctoral research fellowships, with an emphasis on international mobility (either moving to UL from abroad or working at both UL and a non-EU university).  University of Limerick will run a support programme for Marie Curie fellowship applicants from May-Sept 2021.
  • SFI-IRC Pathway Programme:  Award of €425,000 over four years covers a salary contribution plus funding for a PhD student.  UL will nominate a maximum of 16 STEM applicants in May 2021, selected by the Research Office (RO).
  • Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme:  One- and two-year postdoctoral research fellowships for applicants within five years of PhD submission.   The UL Research Office (RO) offers an application guide and a proposal review in advance of application the deadline.
  • Royal Society / Science Foundation Ireland University Research Fellowship: Five- to eight- year awards covering salary contribution and research expenses.  The scheme provides the opportunity to build an independent research career – fellows can supervise others and grow their own research group.
    • Key dates: The next call will open in July 2021, with deadline September 2021
    • Information: Funding body

For MCSA, SFI-IRC Pathway and GOI, applications are submitted together with a UL-based mentor or supervisor.  SFI URF fellowships are independent.