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Mathematical Modelling Series

The Mathematical Modelling Series is collection of posters aimed at anyone interested in finding out a little more about some of the applications of mathematics.

                                        Series 1


      Hidden Maths

Hidden Maths in Your Body


Cheese and Maths: A tasty Formula


Can Mathematics Slow down Fires?


Can Maths Make the Internet Faster?


Mathematics: Let's Milk It


How to be a maths Millionire!!!!

          Volcanic Maths

Volcanic Maths


Can Maths Blow Energy Away?


Mathematics Driving the Future

          Top Gears

Top Gears!

          Sun Shine

The Sun Shines on Mathematics


                                        Series 2

What doe the internet look like?

What does the Internet Look Like?

Can mathematics prevent hot spots?

Can Mathematics prevent hot Spots?

Does smoking cause cancer?

Does smoking cause cancer?

Mathematics tha make you shiver

Mathematics that makes you shiver

You won't be late with maths!

You won't be late with Maths!

Can maths win at monopoly?

Can maths win at Monopoly?

Butterflies, maths and chaos

Butterflies, maths and Chaos...

Maths give birth

Maths gives birth