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False-Start Detection in Elite Athletics


A SIM Talk by Kevin Brosnan will take place before lunch tomorrow Tuesday October 18th. The SIM Talk will consist of a 15 minute presentation followed by discussion.

Speaker:          Kevin Brosnan, University of Limerick, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Topic:              False-Start Detection in Elite Athletics

Time:               12.30p.m. Tuesday October 18th 

Location:         MACSI seminar room, A2-002

Short Abstract:  The 100ms ruling for false start disqualification at athletic competitions governed by the International Association of Athletics Federations has been in force since the early 1990s. Throughout this period, there have been marked changes to the rules that govern the disqualification of athletes from sprint events incorporating starts from blocks. I will provide insight into a study which analysed all available World and European Championship response-time data from 1999 to 2014 to examine effects of rule changes on competition response-times at major championships.