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Events 2011

MACSI Colloquia January 2011

University of Limerick, Thursday 20th January 2011. Speakers:

  • Tomás Alarcón, Integrative mathematical modelling of biological tissues, CRM, Barcelona, Spain
  • Mel Devine, Rolling optimisation in natural gas markets, MACSI, UL
  • Andrew Gordon, Modelling two-phase flow in the cathode gas diffusion layer of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell, MACSI, UL

    The COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modelling 10th - 14th February 2011

The team of 4th Year students Niamh Delaney and Grainne Kirby with Faculty advisor Dr William Lee were adjudged Meritorious Winners. Only 2% of all entrants were ranked higher than them.

Grainne Kirby, Dr William Lee and Niamh Delaney

Left to right Grainne Kirby, Dr William Lee and Niamh Delaney.

Joint FMC2/MACSI Colloquium March 2011

Lawrence Crowley Board Room, UCD Michael Smurfit Business School. FMC2 This colloquium was ran jointly by the Financial Mathematics and Computation research cluster and the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry.


  • Lena Golubovskaja, A MEM-based Analysis of Volatility spillovers in European Financial Markets FMC2, NUIM
  • Rory Villiers, Pricing Cashflow CDOs without Monte Carlo Simulation, UL
  • Adam Hackett, Contagion Processes in Complex Networks, UL
  • Patrick O'Sullivan, Adaptive Universal Portfolios FMC2, UCD

Centre for Financial Markets Seminar, Michael Moore (QUB), Order Flow and the Monetary Model of Exchange Rates.

Women in Mathematics Day, Ireland, April 2011

The second Women in Mathematics Day, Ireland took place in UL on the 18th April. The day included keynote talks from Sandra Collins (SFI), Aisling McCluskey (NUIG) and Francesca Shearer (QUB); a diverse selection of contributed talks; and a lively panel discussion in the afternoon. Feedback from the day was very positive - please keep an eye on for details of next year's event. 

Panel Discussion

Panel discussion, from left to right: Dr. Aisling McCluskey (NUIG), Dr. Sandra Collins (SFI), Dr. Francesca Shearer (QUB) and Dr. Anne Brosnan (National Co-ordinator Project Maths).

MACSI Colloquium 19th May 2011

University of Limerick, Thursday 19th May 2011


  • Vladimir Lapin UL ‘Shocks in coating flows within a rotating horizontal cylinder’
  • Jean Charpin UL ‘MACSI Summer School’
  • Dr Juan Montijano Departamento de Matemàtica Aplicada, University of Zaragoza, ‘Time integrators for computational aeroacoustics'

MACSI one day graduate course, University of Limerick, Thursday 26th May 2011

Course title: Financial systemic risk: an introduction. Lecturer: Prof. Tom Hurd, McMaster University, Canada

Mathematical Modelling Summer School 20th - 24th June 2011

MACSI hosted the 2011 Mathematical Modelling Summer School from 20th - 24th June. 50 second level students, ranging from 16–18 years of age from around Ireland took part in the residential Summer School. Students engaged in a number of activities during the week including a ‘mathematics in the real world’ one-day workshop where they had the opportunity to apply the mathematics they know to problems they are familiar with in everyday life.

Summer School

Student Mathematical Modelling Workshop 23rd -24th June 2011

The first Student Mathematical Modelling Workshop was held by MACSI on the 23rd - 24th June. The workshop provided participants with hands-on experience in the mathematical modelling of real-world problems. It also acted as introduction to study groups with industry.

The 82nd European Study Group with Industry 26th June - 1st July

The 82nd European Study Group with Industry was hosted by MACSI at the University of Limerick, Ireland, 26th June - 1st July 2011. More information can be found at ESGI82


From left to right: Prof Brian Fitzgerald, Vice-President Research (UL), Dr Martina O'Sullivan, Project Facilitator MACSI, Dr. Thibaut Lery, European Science Foundation and Dr. Rory Jordan, Science Foundation Ireland.

Mathematical Frontiers in the Life Sciences 3rd July - 5th July 2011

The conference had as guest of honour Jim Murray, Professor Emeritus of the Universities of Washington and Oxford. Invited talks were given by a range of distinguished speakers, and surveyed a number of different subjects within the life sciences.Contributed presentations were in the form of posters.

Invited Speakers

Invited speakers at the Mathematical Frontiers in the Life Sciences.

Conference web page at

Irish Mathematical Society September Meeting 29th August - 30th August 2011

The University of Limerick hosted the Irish Mathematical Society September Meeting 2011 on August 29th and 30th this year. Details are available at The meeting was held a week early this year to avoid a clash with a conference at QUB.

​MACSI Colloquia October 2011

University of Limerick, Thursday 20th October 2011. Speakers:

  • Prof. Alexander Gorban, Entropies and uncertainty of uncertainty, University of Leicester, UK
  • Mick O'Brien, The ascent of magma, MACSI, UL
  • Roman Sedakov, Phase separation in diblock co-polymers, MACSI, UL

Maths week 15th-22nd October 2011

A series of interesting maths events were held during Maths Week, in association with Discovery Science and Engineering, by the NCE-MSTL (National Centre for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning) and MACSI. These events can be viewed at

​MACSI Outreach Lecture - 18th October 2011

As part of Maths week, this year's outreach lecture, ‘Mathematics + Science=superhero powers‘ was given by Dr Barry Fitzgerald. In this talk, Barry Fitzgerald discussed how superhero powers as seen in films could become reality. The talk was aimed at school children aged between 15 and 18 years of age, and took place in the University Concert Hall at the University of Limerick on Tuesday 18 October 2011

​MACSI Colloquia December 2011

University of Limerick, Tuesday 13th December 2011. Speakers:

  • Aonghus Shortt, Generation planning in high variability power systems, UCD
  • Niamh Troy, Wilmar - An Overview and Future Developments,UCD
  • Darragh Walsh/Valeria di Cosmo The ESRI energy modelling, ESRI
  • Mario Dzamarija Operational characteristics of non-firm wind generation in distribution networks , UCD
  • Colm Lowery Scenario Tree Tool: Development and Applications, UCD