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Events 2010

Women in Mathematics Day, Ireland, April 2010

Only 16% of women undergraduates choose to study science and engineering; for men, the figure is more than double (source: HEA statistics, 2008 intake). Inspired by the Women in Mathematics days organised by the London Mathematical Society in the UK, Joanna Mason, a post-doctoral researcher at MACSI, decided to bring the idea to Ireland. The aim of these events is to provide an opportunity to hear some inspirational talks from women at the next career stage in higher education.

Women in Mathematics

The day was a huge success with positive feedback from all of the nearly 50 participants. The aim in the future is to have an annual event, so keep an eye on The event was organised by members of MACSI and the NCE-MSTL (National Centre for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning) and was supported by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the Irish Mathematical Society, the UL Science and Engineering Faculty as well as MACSI and the NCE-MSTL.