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Epidemic spreading on temporal network


A SIM Talk by Tomokatsu Onaga will take place before lunch on February 21st,  Room A2-002 . The SIM Talk will consist of a 15 minute presentation followed by discussion.

Speaker: Tomokatsu Onaga, Nonlinear Dynamics Lab, Japan’s Kyoto University

Topic: Epidemic spreading on temporal network

Time: 12.30p.m. Tuesday February 21

Room A2-002

Short Abstract:       Social contact networks underlying epidemic processes in humans and animals are highly dynamic. The spreading of infections on such temporal networks can differ dramatically from spreading on static networks. We theoretically investigate the effects of concurrency, the number of neighbors that a node has at a given time point, on the epidemic threshold in the stochastic susceptible-infected-susceptible dynamics on temporal network models. We show that network dynamics can suppress epidemics (i.e., yield a higher epidemic threshold) when nodes' concurrency is low, but can also enhance epidemics when the concurrency is high. We analytically determine different phases of this concurrency-induced transition, and confirm our results with numerical simulations.