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Emergent bi-stability in population dynamics


A SIM Talk by John Donohue will take place before lunch on  April 4th,  Room A2-002 . The SIM Talk will consist of a 15 minute presentation followed by discussion.

Speaker: John Donohue, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Limerick

Topic: Emergent bi-stability in population dynamics

Time: 12.30p.m.  Tuesday April 4

Room A2-002

Short Abstract:     A demographic Allee effect is a feature of population dynamics in which density must exceed a critical threshold to avoid extinction. The phenomenon has taken on a particular significance in the context of conservation biology. While Allee effects may be prescribed for a modelled population, they can also emerge in theoretical models without being explicitly introduced. By analysing a population model that contains multiple mechanisms for demographic Allee effects, we demonstrate how bifurcation theory can be used to predict the appearance of this kind of bi-stability.