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Droplet interactions in microscale inkjet printing

The department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Limerick invites you to a seminar by  Dr Alice Thompson (The University of Manchester):

Title:  Droplet interactions in microscale inkjet printing

Abstract: Inkjet printing is a familiar technology for graphics applications -- images are formed from separated coloured dots, and perceived as a continuous image. However, inkjet printing can also be used as method to  manufacture tiny devices and structures, such as printed circuit boards, LEDs, and scaffolds for tissue engineering. In all of these applications, printed liquid drops must coalesce in order to make a 

coherent structure, and this enables many interesting and unexpected interactions. In this talk, I will discuss my research on printing long  thin lines from several overlapping droplets, how the morphological behaviour can be described by simple models and how it might be controlled, and why experiments and numerical simulations are essential for both understanding the fundamental physical mechanisms and predicting future behaviour.

This seminar will take place today Friday, 29th September , at 4pm, in  Room A2-002.

If you have any questions regarding this seminar, please direct them to Iain Moyles (061 233726,

Supported by Science Foundation Ireland funding, MACSI - the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (, centred at the University of Limerick, is dedicated to the mathematical modelling and solution of problems which arise in science, engineering and industry in Ireland.