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Chemical Physics and Coffee

The department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Limerick invites you to a seminar by Dr Christopher Hendon (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):

Title:  Chemical Physics and Coffee

Abstract: Chemical Physics and Coffee The past ten years have seen a renaissance in the coffee industry. Focus has shifted away from producing caffeine-rich beverages towards making flavorsome and high-value products. These advances may be attributed to, in part, agricultural improvement in coffee producing countries, but also to technological advances in brewing techniques. Like other consumables, coffee faces challenges in the quantification of flavor. Instead of attempting to define absolute flavor, focus has shifted to technologies that enable absolute flavor reproducibility. This talk details physical and chemical considerations in the production of value-motivated coffee, towards the formation of absolute reproducibility. These sciences will be applied to understanding the variables of both the bean and water, and the implications of the brew method.

This seminar will take place on Monday, March 13, at 4pm, in  Room A2-002.

If you have any questions regarding this seminar, please direct them to Iain Moyles (061 233726,

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