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Calling Dunbar's Numbers

The department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Limerick invites you to a seminar by Dr Pádraig Mac Carron, Experimental Psychology, Oxford

Title:  Calling Dunbar's Numbers

Abstract: The social brain hypothesis predicts that humans have an average of about 150 relationships at any given time. Within this 150, there are layers of friends of an ego, where the number of friends in a layer increases as the emotional closeness decreases. Here we use mobile phone records from a European country in 2007 to test for this layered structure. We find evidence for layered structure and propose a very simple model to explain this observation. We also analyse the properties of the overall social network.

This seminar will take place on Thursday 13th April , at 2pm, in  Room A2-002.

If you have any questions regarding this seminar, please direct them to Iain Moyles (061 233726,

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