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The 70th European Study Group with Industry

MACSI hosted the 70th European Study Group with Industry from 28th June - 3rd July 2009 at the University of Limerick. The Study Group was well attended, with people travelling from Ireland, the UK and Europe and even as far as America and Hong Kong.

ESGI 70 Image 1     ESGI Image 2     ESGI Image 3

Eight problems were presented to the group at the beginning of the week, covering a range of topics, details of which can be found on the ESGI 70 website.

MACSI would like to thank the Industrial partners, Analog Devices, Bord Gáis, Diageo, Erin Energy and Landtech Soils Ltd. for taking part in the study group and the Science Foundation Ireland for funding it.

The 62nd European Study Group with Industry 2008

MACSI organised the 62nd European Study Group with Industry from 21st–25th January 2008. For more information please see the ESGI 62 website.


UK and Republic of Ireland SIAM Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the UK and Republic of Ireland SIAM Section took place on Friday 9 January 2009 at the University of Limerick. The day included talks by:

  • Andrew Fowler (MACSI, University of Limerick)
  • James Gleeson (MACSI, University of Limerick)
  • Robin Knowles (TotalSim)
  • Annick Sartenaer (Namur)
  • Andy Wathen (University of Oxford)

Network     Drumlins

James's talk was on the topic of networks, while Andrew's focused on drumlins


23rd February 2009, University of Limerick

  • Mike Mackey, McGill University, Montreal. A thirty year retrospective on continuous mathematical models for hematopoiesis
  • Christina Orphanidou, University of Oxford. Hospitals of the future: mathematical approaches to detecting patient deterioration
  • Geoff Evatt, University of Manchester
    ​How to value a finite resource under stochastic uncertainties
  • Rachel Zammett, University of Oxford. The formation of spiral troughs on the Martian polar ice caps
  • Mark McGuinness, Victoria University of Wellington. Sea Ice Growth (abstract)
  • Felix Ng, University of Sheffield. Glacier outburst floods on the Silk Road
  • Ron Elsdon, St. Bartholomew's Church, Belfast. Creationism is alive and well ... and living in Nor'n Ir'n'.

17th–22nd August 2008. International symposium on dynamics in glaciology. University of Limerick.

MACSI Colloquia 2011

University of Limerick, Thursday 20th January 2011. Speakers:

  • Tomás Alarcón, Integrative mathematical modelling of biological tissues, CRM, Barcelona, Spain
  • Mel Devine, Rolling optimisation in natural gas markets, MACSI, UL
  • Andrew Gordon, Modelling two-phase flow in the cathode gas diffusion layer of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell, MACSI, UL​

MACSI Colloquia 2010

University of Limerick, Thursday 25th November 2010. Speakers:

  • Emma Mooney, ESGI75 follow up: Model based methodology development for energy recovery in flash heat exchange systems, Chemical & Environmental Sciences Dept UL, UL
  • Jonathan Ward, ESGI75 follow up: Improving Voice Mixing Using the G.729A Codec, MACSI, UL
  • Thomas Murphy, Modelling the influence of climate change on the rocky intertidal ecosystem, Chemical & Environmental Sciences Dept UL

University of Limerick, Thursday 30th September 2010. Speakers:

  • William Lee, ESGI75 follow up: Monomer flow for contact lenses, MACSI, UL
  • Fiona Faulkner, Using Discriminant Analysis to Identify at risk students in service mathematics courses, MACSI & NCE-MSTL, UL
  • Jean Charpin, ESGI75 follow up: Optimising chicken production, MACSI, UL
  • Michelle Carey The computation of model based penalties in functional data analysis, MACSI, UL

University College Cork, Thursday 25th March 2010. Speakers:

  • Sergei Sazhin, Advanced models for droplet heating and evaporation, University of Brighton, UK
  • Suzanne O'Regan, A Hybrid Model of Wood-pigeon Population Dynamics, UCC
  • Michael O'Brien, Magmatic Diapirism and Igneous Intrusions, MACSI, UL

University of Limerick, Thursday 25th February 2010. Speakers:

  • Brian Carroll, An Investigation into the Teaching and Learning of Applications in Senior-Cycle Mathematics, MACSI & NCE-MSTL, UL
  • Michael Devereux, Air Elimination in Milk, MACSI, UL
  • Dana Mackey, School of Mathematical Sciences, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Susana Conde, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UL

University of Limerick, Thursday 28th January 2010 . Speakers:

  • Prof Jose Miguel Urbano, Chemotaxis, immiscible fluids and phase transitions: a systematic approach to regularity, Department of Mathematics, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Romina Gaburro, Detecting optical properties in anisotropic materials, MACSI, UL
  • Michael Chapwanya, Gravity driven instability in porous media, MACSI, UL

​MACSI Colloquia 2009

University of Limerick, Thursday 17th December 2009. Speakers:

  • Vladimir Lapin, Radiating instabilities and hyper-reflection of waves by jets in a rotating ocean, MACSI, UL
  • Oliver Power, Bubble nucleation in supersaturated liquids, MACSI, UL
  • Jean Charpin, Spin Coating of non-Newtonian fluids, MACSI, UL
  • Ian Hewitt, Continual skipping on water, Trinity College, University of Oxford, UK

University College Cork, Thursday 19th November 2009. Speakers:

  • Alexander Vasiliev, Hele-Shaw flows: complex shapes and conservation laws, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Tom C. Kelly, Modern problems in biology, Department of Zoology, Ecology and Plant Science, UCC
  • Cian O'Mahony, Mathematical Modelling in Epidural Analgesia and Postoperative Pain Management, Department of Applied Mathematics, UCC
  • Alexander Pimenov, Mathematical Modelling of Real Food Webs Parametrised Using Species Body Sizes, Environmental Research Institute, UCC

University of Limerick, Thursday 22nd October 2009. Speakers:

  • Sarah Mitchell, Improving the accuracy of heat balance integral methods applied to thermal problems, UL
  • Kevin Cronin, Probabilistic Modelling of Fluidised Bed Granulation using Markov Chains: Focus on particle velocity, Department of Process & Chemical Engineering, UCC
  • Sebastian Franz, On singularly perturbed convection-diffusion problems, UL
  • Michelle Carey, Semi-parametric Portfolio Pricing, MACSI, UL

Earlier Colloquia

29th November 2007, DIT
To optimise or not to optimise: an engineer's perspective. Alicia Kim, Bath UK.
HiWinds: high resolution forecasts for wind energy applications. Conor Sweeney, UCD.
Quantum corrected drift-diffusion models for numerical simulation of nanoscale electronic devices. Carlo de Falco, DCU.
Decomposing sound in the time domain using non-negative quadratic programming.Conor Houghton, TCD.

26th September 2007, UL
The drag-out problem in film coating theory. Vladimir Zubkov, UL
Language, mathematics learning and gaeilgeori: a study of educational transitions in Irish education. Marie Ni Riordain, UL.

University College Cork, 31st July 2007.
A preliminary study on the optimal formation of an array of wave power devices. Gareth Thomas, UCC.
Does bottom friction affect freak waves? Slana Voronovich, UCC.
Quantum dot semiconductor lasers. Guillaume Huyet, The Tyndall Institute.
Differential games between manufacturer, retailer and bank. Ellina Grigorieva, Texas Women's University.

Workshop on Financial Mathematics

On 15th July 2009, MACSI organised a workshop on financial mathematics at the University of Limerick. This was attended by James McEvoy (Principal FX Dealer, Structured Derivatives Desk, Bank of Ireland Global Markets) and by research and academic staff from the University of Limerick and University College Cork.



The workshop focused on developing tools to value a complex option introduced by the Bank of Ireland. In the morning presentations on the structure of the option were given by Michelle Carey and James McEvoy, while in the afternoon significant progress towards developing a mathematical model and implementing it in code was made.

For more information please contact the workshop organiser Michelle Carey.

23rd–28th June 2008. Mathematical Modelling Summer School. Dublin Institute of Technology.

Introduction to perturbation methods

11th December 2007. Introduction to perturbation methods. A one day course at the University of Limerick given by Prof. Stephen O'Brien.

Numerical Methods for Problems with Layer Phenomena

8–9th February 2007. 6th Annual Workshop on Numerical Methods for Problems with Layer Phenomena.

One day graduate courses

One day graduate course: Mathematical Modelling in the Applied Sciences. 21st January 2009, UL.
Prof. Andrew Fowler, UL

One Day Graduate Course: Applied Stochastic Differential Equations. 7th August 2008, UL
Prof James Gleeson, UL


For an up to date list of scheduled seminars hosted by MACSI at the university of Limerick, please see the seminars website

Andrew Fowler's Inaugural Lecture

Professor Andrew Fowler, recently appointed Stokes Professor of Industrial and Applied Mathematics at the University of Limerick in association with MACSI, delivered his inaugural lecture on the 24th February 2009.

Andrew Fowler   Andrew Fowler    Andrew Fowler     

His lecture was preceded by an afternoon of talks given by collaborators of Professor Fowler from around the world.

Professor Fowler's lecture "Ten Hard Problems in Applied Mathematics" provided an insightful and entertaining overview of some of the academic challenges that he has faced during his career to date. Topics ranged from Chaos theory to Ice caps on Mars, drumlin formation and the mathematical modelling of leukaemia, and culminated in a live performance on the acoustic guitar!

Andrew Fowler  Andrew Fowler  Andrew Fowler  Andrew Fowler

Multicellular model mediated by intercellular and extracellular communications. 3rd August 2007.
Dr Linzhong Li, UCL.

Mathematical modelling of polymer electrolyte fuel cells. 27th July 2007.
Dr Michael Vynnycky, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Computational simulations of atrial fibrillation. 27th July.
Dr Sanjay Kharche, University of Manchester, UK.

Numerics and optimal control of nonlinear conductive-radiative heat transfer. 20th July, UL.
Dr Peter Philip, Weierstass Insitute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin.

Mathematical modelling of cancer treatment. 6th July 2007.
Prof Graeme Wake, Massey University, New Zealand.

Metastability in Markovian systems. 28th June 2007, UCC.
Dr Wilhelm Huisinga, NUI Maynooth.

Modelling the immune system using probabilistic concepts. 7th June 2007, UCC.
Dr Phil Hodgkin, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research, Australia.

Mathematics education in the Netherlands. 5th June 2007, UL.
Prof Frans Keune. Radboud University, The Netherlands.