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Our Facilities

The LLH facilities include:

Computer labs

  • LC1.002 – 21 student computers
  • LC1.016 – 23 student computers
  • 1 student printer (\\payprint\LC1-016)

Digital Language Lab (Sanako Lab 100)

  • LC1.003 – 23 student stations

Self-Access Centre (LC1-008)

  • 13 TV stations & DVD players
  • 4 digital audio stations
  • print library of c.1300 volumes
  • audio material
  • over 1,000 DVDs
  • over 200 CD-ROMs

These facilities combine to offer services to teachers, learners and researchers in the School of Languages, Literature, Culture and Communication, the University of Limerick Language Centre and the wider campus community.

Some of the services available through the LLH include:

  • Access to language learning material in many languages.
  • Assistance in the development of self-directed learning on a personal level or with groups of students.
  • Support for learners, teachers and researchers in the use of multiple media for language learning, language teaching and research.
  • Organisation of Language Exchange meetings, which take place every semester.