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Copyright Licence

The law allows for a reader to make a single copy of a part of a book for purposes of private study. It does not allow the copying of entire books or the making of multiple copies of extracts. Under no circumstances may schools photocopy materials for use in self-access centres, unless they have registered with CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) or an associated licensing agency and allow/use photocopying strictly in accordance with their regulations. If a school wishes to have multiple copies of a part of a book in a self-access centre, then it must purchase the necessary number of printed books. There is no formal objection to schools physically cutting printed texts into parts and reassembling them in a way that seems appropriate providing the books or parts of books are not then resold. It is not, however, a practice we would recommend. In the case of audio recordings, it is permissible for a school to make a copy of an audio tape, keeping the original as a back-up. Only one copy may exist at any one time. A school may copy different parts of an original audio tape onto several cassettes, providing that no part of the original exists in more than one copy at any one time. Therefore, if a school wishes to have three copies of one part of an audio tape, it must have three originals. No copying, single or multiple, of video cassettes is permitted.