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Work Experience Student - Eireann O Brien


On Monday 9th Febuary I visited UL as part of my work experience. I spent the day with Carol Huguet, who very kindly planned out my day and made it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. I Eireannbegan the day by meeting with Shane Kilcommins, Head of the Law school in UL, who was very approachable. I spoke to Jerry Cronin, who I spoke to about careers and the course I am interested in doing, and I found this very helpful. I then went to speak with Karen McGrath, who informed me about the First Seven Weeks programme, which is in place to help first year students settle in. I will find this useful if I decide to go to UL in the future! I was given a tour of the sports arena. The building is very impressive, and I will be sure to get involved in activities there in the future. I also met up with a first year Law Plus student, with whom I attended two lectures, one on criminal law, and the other on contract law. Throughout the day, I was also shown around various buildings in UL. Overall I found the day enjoyable, and I am happy I had the experience. I definately hope to go to UL to study in the future.