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Week of Work Experience in UL School of Law

Hugh Greaney Hugh Greaney

Week of Work Experience in UL School of Law

“My name is Hugh Greaney, and I am currently a 5th year student in Castletroy College.  For the week of the 7th – 11th November 2016, we were asked to find work experience placements.  I myself am interested in studying law after school, and so I therefore decided to come to the School of Law in UL for the week. 

It was a great experience, as I was given the chance to sit University Lectures along with the students of UL, and to just get a flavour on what studying law would be like in this University.  I attended lectures on European Union Law, Contract Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Child Law, Tort Law and Economics.  I found the lectures very informative, and I was very interested in the topics.  Some parts of the lectures I did find difficult to follow, as I had only entered the lectures during week 10, although I could understand the basic concepts of each module, and I know that if I were to start the course from the beginning, then I would find it very enjoyable. 

In my spare time in-between lectures, I would work in the Law Office, and do research.  My research was mainly based around a competition that I was entering for the School of Law.  I was to type a 1000 essay on one of about seven different topics.  I wrote mine about the society in Ireland today, and how the equality that was promised in the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, is present in our nation today. 

I very much enjoyed my experience here at UL, and I would like to say a special thanks to Laura Donnellan, of the School of Law, for giving me this opportunity, and for helping me all the way through the week.”