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UL Law Students Study in Canada

UL Law Students Study in Canada UL Law Students Study in Canada

Each year the School of Law sends students on study exchange to our partner universities in North America. In spring 2017, two students undertook study at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Here is what they had to say:

“My exchange to the University of Victoria offered me the chance to experience graduate level North American law school from the perspective of an undergraduate European law student. I can safely say that the experience has allowed me to push my limits and broaden my educational horizons further than I could ever have imagined through truly unique courses such as law and religion, the law and rights of the Indigenous peoples of Canada and Canadian Immigration and Citizenship law. The university offers some outstanding extra-curricular activities such as rock climbing, astrophotography and rocketry while being within range of beautiful downtown Victoria, the bustling city of Vancouver and several ski resorts! I reaped the benefit of having studied at an internationally renowned law school with confidence and skills that will no doubt be invaluable to be me in my future legal career.”

Luke Woulfe, 4th year Law Plus

 “Undertaking the challenge of an exchange to another university was a daunting but equally rewarding experience. Academically, I believe it brought out the best in me, competing with essentially post grade students who were in their final year of law school was definitely a sink or swim situation. From week one I found myself spending most of my week days in the library completing assignments and keeping up with all the assigned readings. All the work aside, it was the people of Uvic that made the experience worthwhile. Law School in Victoria has a sense of community and family amongst the student body like I have never seen before. From day one we were welcomed with open arms. From a curling tournament, a skit night, a grudge rugby match and various table quizzes I found myself constantly arranging my nights out with the other law students and with that came lasting friendships and memories. Victoria itself is a vibrant and cultural hive of activity with endless opportunities to explore all the Island has to offer. I most definitely will be returning!”

Jack Bergin, 4th year Law Plus