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UL Company Law Seminar

UL Company Law Seminar UL Company Law Seminar

UL Company Law Seminar 

The seminar took place on Tuesday the 6th of February in The Pavilion on the University of Limerick’s campus. There was food and drink to be provided after the event and an attendance of 30 students. The speakers included, Ruari Cosgrave (president of the ISCA), Brain McEnery (BDO accountants) and Neil O’Gorman from Holmes, O'Malley Sexton and all who attended received a valuable insight into the structure of a company, the impact of the Company Act 2014, the role of a Company Secretary within a Company and other interesting details. The topics, in full, were:


1. The Directors of a Company (appointment, removal, responsibilities, duties, powers and disclosure requirements)

2. The Company Secretary and the Annual Return (appointment, removal, responsibilities, duties and powers. Annual Return and supporting documentation. Role of Auditors)

3. Enforcement of Company Law (investigations, inspectors, ODCE, Disqualification and Restriction of Directors