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Training Workshop

Training Workshop Training Workshop

On Friday the 16th of February four fourth year Law Plus students participated in a training workshop with Dr Patrick O’Donnell of the Graduate Entry Medical School in UL and Franz Amin of the Department of Politics in UL. The four fourth year students are participating in the Roma Rights Advanced Lawyering Research project as part of UL Engage Practicums. Dr O’Donnell is Clinical Fellow in Social Inclusion in the Graduate Entry Medical School. He spoke to the students about access to health care for groups such as Roma, undocumented migrants, homeless persons and drug users. Franz Amin of the Department of Politics spoke to students about his work on the concept of vulnerability. His presentation focused on both the theory of vulnerability and also gave examples of how the impact of vulnerability exists in everyday life. The students are working on the Roma National Needs Assessment which was published by Pavee Point and the Department of Justice and Equality in January 2018. The group project is supervised by Dr Norah Burns of the School of Law. The project is funded by the AHSS Faculty Teaching Board Fund.