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Thoughts on Homicide

Thoughts on Homicide Thoughts on Homicide

‘Thoughts on Homicide’

A Lecture by Mr. Justice Peter Charleton

24 September 2018

On Monday, 24 September 2018, the School of Law at the University of Limerick hosted a special evening lecture by Mr. Justice Peter Charleton of Ireland’s Supreme Court. The lecture, which was entitled ‘Thoughts on Homicide’, focused on the causes and consequences of hatred in society. Drawing on his personal and professional experience as a defence barrister, as prosecuting counsel, as a member of the judiciary and as an academic, Mr. Justice Charleton gave, the sold out audience, an engaging and enlightening account of the ideological factors which have contributed, throughout history, to crimes of homicide.


The proceedings were chaired by Professor Paul McCutcheon who led an engaging Questions and Answers session following the lecture.


The event was co-ordinated by Dr. Alan Cusack of the School of Law and it was hosted by the Centre for Crime, Justice and Victim Studies (CCJVS) at the University of Limerick.


The School of Law would like to thank everyone who attended Monday evening’s event for contributing to a very engaging and enjoyable evening of discussion.