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Third Year Law Plus Student Studies in Texas

Third Year Law Plus Student Studies in Texas Third Year Law Plus Student Studies in Texas

UL Law students have the opportunity of completing a semester or a year abroad in our partner institutions across Europe (through our Erasmus programme) and North America (through our Study Exchange programme). Eilbhe Harrington completed her spring semester of 3rd year at the University of Texas at Austin, School of Law – a top-10 US law school. This was Eilbhe’s experience:

“The experience surpassed my expectations and was rewarding, academically, socially and culturally. I was able to choose modules that really interested me.  Negotiation was an experiential module where we worked in competitive groups on real-world cases working closely with group tutors. International Human Rights Law and International Law modules were delivered by professors who had worked in international tribunals and corporations and in classes with a wide international range of views. I also studied Capital Punishment. The whole experience has allowed me learn a lot about law but also to grow in confidence and develop a greater perspective on many issues.

One of the thing best parts of study abroad that made my experience so memorable and enjoyable was the friendships and connections I made with both American students and exchange students from around the world.  We learned American law together but also about the law and culture in each -others countries. We socialised and travelled together and build friendships that I hope will last. The city of Austin is also a great place to live with fantastic food, nightlife and events. Austin, state capital of Texas has lots of places to visit like the Texas Congress building and the LBJ Presidential Library. Further afield I had to opportunity to visit Dallas, San Antonio, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The semester at the UT School of Law was a tremendous experience, one which I would highly recommend. It expanded my legal knowledge, allowed me develop professional skills and gave me insight in how American law is practiced.  A three week internship in Wisconsin at the end of the semester gave me an opportunity to see it all in action, a great conclusion to a most rewarding semester.”

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