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Stephen Strauss-Walsh - Conference NUIG

Stephen Strauss-Walsh

Stephen Strauss-Walsh attended his first external conference at NUIG, who hosted the Irish Society of Comparative Law conference in May 2016. His attendance was kindly sponsored by funding from the AHSS faculty at UL. He presented a paper entitled ‘A Comparative Analysis of Victim Centrality in Eighteenth-Century England and Ireland’ which contrasted how victims practically accommodated themselves within English and Irish criminal justice frameworks at that specific time. The objective of the paper was to illustrate the various shades of complexity that criminal justice adopted in its colonial exportation to different jurisdictions and how that complexity contributed to systems which officially shared a similar legal basis but in practice organically produced novel formations quite different from their source. The paper was well received by an international audience, who felt that some of the issues raised concerning postcolonial legality could have important parallels and implications within a wider European context.