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Postgraduate students undertake new module ‘Mastering your Employability’


The School of Law is delighted to announce that it has secured the delivery of two Mastering your Employability – Professional Development modules for delivery to postgraduate law students for 2016/17. The award-winning modules, developed by the Careers Division, were developed to assist postgraduate students in identifying and evidencing core competencies through an intensive series of sequential career development sessions that include real time employer feedback. The innovative approach to the design of the first module delivered in the autumn semester, centres on a 2-day employer-led Assessment Centre – a recruitment tool utilised across Irish and international corporates. In preparation, students complete a series of interactive student-centred employability exercises that encourage them; to develop self-awareness of personal style and preference; frame individual values; scope personal competencies and blueprint a personal brand.  Students then complete a series of employer-led scenarios - from mock interviews to elevator pitches to individual and group assessment. The sequence of learning and frequency of feedback enables students to distil individual talents into active strengths. A key output is that each student receives a personalised report directly from employers including an indicator of performance on an individual and group level.