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Opinion piece by Laura Donnellan on the Elise David fraud case

Elise David

Just published an Opinion Piece on ‘Equestrianism: The showjumper and fraud – Bringing the sport into disrepute’.  On 11 January 2019, Elise David was found guilty of one count of fraud at the Newport Crown Court in Wales. While on sick leave from her employer, the NHS, David was paid 12000 sterling. She was unable to work following a horse riding accident as she complained of back and head injuries and was using hiking sticks to aid mobility. During her sick leave, she was photographed participating at four competitions organised by British Eventing.  

Some months later, the photographs found online by a colleague and following an investigation, David was charged with fraud. The opinion piece discusses the court case and how the actions of David brought the sport into disrepute. The opinion piece can be accessed at: