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Dr Li Jianjiang

Dr Li Jianjiang is an associate professor of legal history, Western legal theory, and comparative law within the Law Department at Henan Polytechnic University (HPU), China.

Before joining HPU, Dr Li graduated with a PhD in Law from the Chinese Academy of Social Science, the highest research organization in the fields of philosophy and social science in China. In addition to his lecturing responsibilities at HPU, Dr Li has practised as a barrister (corporate counsel), worked as a part-time arbitrator, and contributed to the development of local legislation as a representative of the local People’s Congress.

Dr Li is author of A Study on Maritime Law in Modern Times of China (China University of Political Science and Law Press, 2015) and co-author of A Comparative Research of Sino-Canadian Intellectual Property Law (China Social Science Press, 2010). He also has published several law journal articles and political comments and is a member of the International Society for Chinese Law and History.