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John Crowley (Law and Accounting) – Los Angeles Federal District Court Summer Externship Program 2014

"As a recent BA in Law and Accounting graduate it is hard to believe that my four years in UL have come to a conclusion. To simply say that I enjoyed my time there would be an understatement – not only do I have an abundance of special memories to look back on – but I leave UL having reaped the benefits of the many opportunities that were provided to me.

In my final months at UL I was bestowed with the great honour of being selected to represent the University as a summer extern in the Los Angeles Federal District Court.

The externship, which ran for 3 months, involved me, along with four other Irish students, working under Federal Court Judges in the Central District of California.

First and foremost, it should be said that a knowledge of the American legal system is not a prerequisite. The clerks and judges to whom I reported were extremely patient and took great care to enlighten me on any points of law that with which I was unfamiliar. That said, the level of responsibility with which you are entrusted is substantial. The variety of work ranged from proofreading motions and orders prepared by colleagues, conducting research on particular areas concerning motions filed in court, to even drafting court orders granting or denying individual motions. Our observations were not just confined to the Federal Courts, we were also free to attend interesting cases in both the California State Criminal and Civil Courts and tours of the Juvenile Court, Mental Health Court, and Los Angeles County Jail were also organized for us.

The foregoing is only a brief synopsis of what one can expect from this externship and to describe the experience as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity does not do it justice. I cannot urge students strongly enough to apply for this placement."