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Alan McCabe (Law Plus) – University Immersion Programme 2015

"The University Immersion Program 2015 took me to the far reaches of the Orient, to the highly cultured city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province China.

rom the beginning, I was very excited and eager to engage with the Chinese culture – trying out Hotpot (local cuisine), traditional Chinese clothing, and learning the language.

From my first day I arrived, I made friends for life. I visited countless different sites in and around Chengdu and found many hidden gems off the beaten track!

I would go as far to say that my experience in China has defined me and was an invaluable experience.

The programme allowed me to learn legal courses of master level from renowned international professors. I gained valuable academic experience in Global Investment Law, International Economic Law, and Comparative Legal Systems. As well as learning about the Chinese Legal System, I learned about the Chinese people and their culture and had the great honour of experiencing their unflinching hospitality, friendliness and kindness."