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CRCC Asia – China Internship Programme

Niamh Shanahan (Law Plus) China Internship Programme 2018

I recently completed a 2 month internship at Dentons Law Firm in Shanghai with CRCC Asia. CRCC Asia are a fantastic agency that arrange internships for young working professionals all around Asia. I was lucky enough to get this opportunity through a scholarship programme which UL’s School of Law runs every year. At Dentons, I worked in their Family Department in Private Client and Wealth Management. Dentons are the second largest manager of Chinese wealth so this gave me great exposure. My duties mainly surrounded researching tax compliance and immigration fraud for our clients who had international interests.

I absolutely loved living in Shanghai and would love to return one day. I found the city very vibrant, with a great ex-pat community. I found it a very affordable city and quite safe. Throughout my internship, CRCC Asia organised weekly cultural and business development classes for us, after work and on the weekends. This is part of their five key learning objectives: Employability, Cultural Agility, Country Knowledge, Sector Specific Knowledge, and Global Connections. Overall, I found working in Shanghai both challenging and enjoyable, professionally and personally. It is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would recommend to all law students.



AdaCoen (Law Plus)  China Internship Programme 2016Photo of Adam Coen and others holding a CRCC Asia banner

"In January 2016, I completed a legal internship in Shanghai through CRCC Asia. I arrived in Shanghai on 7th January and was collected by CRCC Asia staff and brought straight to my hotel. I was introduced to fellow interns, some who were arriving at the same time as me and some who had already completed several weeks of work..."

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Sean Beatty (Law Plus) – China Internship Programme 2016Photo of Sean Beatty in China with others

"I was fortunate this year to receive scholarship funding from the UL School of Law to travel to China and carry out a two month legal internship in Shanghai with CRCC Asia. Preparing for the trip itself was very easy as CRCC took care of a lot of issues such as obtaining a Chinese visa and organising accommodation in Shanghai..." 

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Photograph of Marina Dino with others.Marian Dino (Law & Accounting)  China Internship Programme 2015

"The time that I spent in China has provided me with invaluable experiences on a personal and professional level. I came across the CRCC programme when a university lecturer of mine encouraged me to apply for one of the scholarships on offer. I was immediately attracted to the prospect of working and learning in China. I was extremely lucky enough to win a partial scholarship at this chance of a lifetime..."

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Photo of Siobhán Sugrue at dinner with others

Siobhan Sugrue (Law Plus) China Internship Programme 2015

"My name is Siobhan Sugrue and I recently completed a 3-month long legal internship in Shenzhen, China. The internship was organiaed and arranged by CRCC Asia, a company whose vast network enables it to offer placements of one to three months in various industries within China..."


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