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Sara Bjørndalen, Norway – MA in Human Rights in Criminal Justice (2014/15)

In my view, Ireland is one of the safest countries in Europe and has experienced significant developments in the last number of decades.

Another important factor for me was that in Ireland you can improve your English and the knowledge of the English language which will make it easy to communicate. But most of all I was curious to meet Irish people as I had heard a lot about their kindness.  And I was not disappointed; I was delighted to find out that it was true!

The International Office in my University in Norway had recommended UL as a very good University.

UL had a very good response from the International students who had been studying in UL. Moreover the UL International Office showed me that I was very welcome and they were very helpful. Additionally after one year as an Erasmus student I decided to study my Masters in Human Rights at the School of Law at UL. During my time as an Erasmus student, I fell in love with the University of Limerick. I really liked the unique teaching methods, the library facilities, the comfortable classrooms, the unique architecture, students’ union facilities, and the relationship between lecturers and their students. The lecturers really care for the students and make sure that everyone understands the material. But most of all meeting Irish people, I was absolutely fascinated by the kindness of the Irish people and how friendly Irish people are. And of course nobody can describe the Irish nature and landscape; you just have to see it with your own eyes.

I absolutely enjoyed the time I spent in the School of Law, it is the most amazing, and remarkable and significant experience a student can get through studying. With all the interesting trips we were offered and all the conferences that were organised by UL School of Law and that I had the opportunity to take a part in it. It was very useful, educative and instructive.

I would absolutely recommend other international/European students to come to the School of Law in UL. Because it is a unique and extraordinary opportunity that the students can only get here in UL School of Law, and this experience was the most useful and instructive for me and that I am going to keep for rest of my life. In fact, the University of Limerick won the Sunday Times, University of the Year in 2015. I am very proud of being a part of the UL School of Law .