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International Student Experience

Ruhi Anand, LLB (Graduate Entry) Graduate 2018

“Studying Bachelors of Law (Graduate Entry) at the University of Limerick may have been the single best decision of my life. The gripping curriculum along with brilliant faculty members may speak for itself. The Graduate Entry course allows a graduate to complete a law degree in just two years: this appealed to me as it fit perfectly in my grand scheme of things.  The School of Law offers a variety of modules to choose from and provides world class amenities to cater to its students. I have always been interested in studying about international organisations and transactions, and Ireland being a hub of corporate activity made me want to study there. In the atmosphere of job insecurities and tensions around employability, UL ensures that all its students are placed and make the transition from university to work life as easy as possible. In the recent years, UL has become a popular destination for Indian students. This, I am certain, has to do a great deal with the culture and ethos of the University. The lush green campus and the River Shannon flowing through it, who wouldn’t fall in love with such a sight? UL is my safe haven!”

Ruhi has since continued her studies at the School of Law, pursuing the award-winning Master of Laws LLM (General).


Kaitlin Kuefler, University of Victoria, Study Exchange (2017/18)

I had a wonderful experience the University of Limerick’s School of Law. As a visiting law student from Canada, studying at UL allowed me to familiarize myself with the law of the European Union and the legal traditions of Ireland, topics of which I would not otherwise have been exposed. I took both masters and undergraduate courses and found the course selection and quality of instruction to be excellent. Studying at UL also gave me the chance to explore

Ireland, which is one of the most hospitable and beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. It was a memorable experience and one that I’ll look back on fondly.





Pavan Ramaswamy Law Plus Graduate (2017)International Student Testimonial School of Law

"I distinctly remember my first day on campus at UL, attending one of the rites of passage, an open day. I was trying to make up my mind about where I wanted to study law. The campus is awe-inspiring, and the Law School’s reputation precedes it. What pulled me here was the 8-month cooperative education opportunity in the 3rd year that UL has to offer, alongside employment opportunities for law graduates. UL also offers Erasmus and exchange programmes, with more than 40 destinations to choose from, and options as varied as Belgium and Australia. The daunting next step of choosing a university suddenly seemed like a world of opportunity. If I hadn’t needed persuasion beforehand, I certainly didn’t need it afterwards; UL’s opportunities were unparalleled and it was where I was going to go!"

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Abdlwahab Al Mobayed, ​LLM General, Class of 2016/2017

“Studying a Master of Laws at the University of Limerick was one of the best chances I have ever had. It was honestly greater than I expected. It built the skills I need to succeed in my future career, not to mention the self-confidence I have gained. The LLM General course has given me the skills and knowledge for a successful career and has increased my ability to present myself, my skills, my knowledge and my experience effectively. I found the Professional Development modules which focused on developing students’ employability to be especially helpful. However, more than anything, the School of Law is the perfect, friendly environment for international students. I felt there were no barriers between lecturers and students. I can't forget the warm welcome we received in the first week and the meetings we had with Professor Kilcommins and Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan. I had a wonderful experience!"

Michael Schryver, University of Victoria, Canada – Study Exchange (2016/17)

Photograph of Michael Schryver at a stone circle.

“My exchange semester at the University of Limerick was a fantastic cultural and academic experience. The courses I took were interesting and enlightening on subjects of which I had little prior knowledge. My professors were engaging and helpful and my classmates were intelligent and welcoming. Limerick is a lovely up and coming city with a storied history, and it is a great, centrally located base camp for setting out on trips to other parts of Ireland or mainland Europe for a weekend when there is some down time.”


Pierre Sylvestre, Université d'Angers, France – Erasmus (2015/16); LLM in International Commercial Law (2016/17)                                                      

Picture of Pierre Sylvestre by the sea

“I have had the most unexpected journey through my studies at the School of Law in the University of Limerick, Ireland – it is hard to know where to begin there have been so many unforgettable moments! The first feelings that I had prior to my arrival were those of excitement and stress. For the very first time, the French student in Law that I am, was leaving the family nest. I think that every Erasmus student has experienced or will experience such feelings. But in my fear of the unknown what I didn’t realise or expect was how many new friends I would make, wonderful places I would visit and unexpected experiences I 

would enjoy."

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Photograph of Ana Terán on a slipway in a city.​Ana Terán, University of León, Spain – Erasmus+ student (2016/17)

"I joined the University of Limerick with the Erasmus+ programme in November 2016. This Erasmus+ experience (unlike the common Erasmus programme) is focused in the professional world instead of the academic field. Not only is Limerick one of the most important cities in Ireland, Limerick is also not too far from other interesting places in Ireland. It's incredibly easy to travel from here to any place of Ireland. But if you aren’t in the mood to travel on the weekend, you always can enjoy the night life of the city! I personally recommend living abroad to everybody and I think the University of Limerick is the perfect place to do it."



Marie-Amandine Albinet, Université des Sciences Sociales, Toulouse, France – Erasmus student (2014/15)

Photograph of Marie Amandine Albinet at the Cliffs of Moher

“My name is Marie-Amandine Albinet and I am a French student who completed Erasmus in the University of Limerick. In France I am doing a double degree which consists in studying both French Law and Common Law. After two years in Toulouse we all had to choose where to do our Erasmus. From the very beginning I wanted to go to Ireland because I am really into outdoor activities and nature and I was told that it was a country that would suit me perfectly!"

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Picture of Sara Bjorndalen by the Brown Thomas statue on UL campus.

Sara Bjørndalen, Norway – MA in Human Rights in Criminal Justice (2014/15)

"In my view, Ireland is one of the safest countries in Europe and has experienced significant developments in the last number of decades. Another important factor for me was that in Ireland you can improve your English and the knowledge of the English language which will make it easy to communicate. But most of all I was curious to meet Irish people as I had heard a lot about their kindness. And I was not disappointed; I was delighted to find out that it was true!"

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Photograph of Bianca Cennamo at the Cliffs of Moher

Bianca Cennamo, Università di Bologna, Italy – Erasmus student (2014/15)

“After four years studying at the University of Bologna, Italy, I decided it was time for something different and I applied for the Erasmus exchange. Ireland was one of my choices as I always wanted to visit the country. This opportunity seemed perfect to both travel around the island and improve my English at the same time."

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Picture of Isabel Koch

Isabel Koch, Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany – Erasmus student (2014/15)

“My semester in Ireland was a truly great experience and I would highly recommend International or Erasmus students to come to the School of Law in the University of Limerick. I chose Ireland for my international studies experience to become acquainted with a common law legal system and compare it to the civil law system. Like everywhere in Ireland, I was welcomed warmly by the School of Law in UL from the beginning. The staff really tried to identify the challenges which exist for International/Erasmus students and were always helpful."

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Picture of Ran Guo

Ran Guo, Wuzi University, Beijing, China – LLM in International Commercial Law (2013/14)

“Ireland is an increasingly popular destination for Chinese students. I am one of those Chinese students who chose Ireland for my postgraduate study, undertaking the LLM in International Commercial Law at the School of Law in the University of Limerick.

I moved from Beijing and spent a year and a half in Ireland and I loved it so much – the blue sky, the white clouds, and the green fields! I even loved the rain which is like the south of China. And it wasn’t just the weather and scenery that I enjoyed – I loved my time at the School of Law too." 

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Picture of Anouck Chadaigne

Anouck Chadaigne, University of Toulouse, France – Erasmus Student (2013/14)

"My name is Anouck Chadaigne. I am a postgraduate law student in France. I’ve studied last year at the University of Limerick and it was better than all my expectations!

If you want to study in a pleasant atmosphere, you have to choose the University of Limerick! The campus is very nice, the teachers are extremely approachable, and the International Division staff are very accessible. The campus has a stunning sports arena which offers numerous sports, a modern and luminous library, and plenty of student friendly restaurants."

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