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Professor William J. Murphy Bio

Prof. William J. Murphy is a professor of Law, chair of Commerce and Technology Graduate Programs, and director of the Institute for Commerce and Technology Law at the University of New Hampshire, Concord, USA.

Prof. Murphy is a graduate of Denison University, Dickinson School of Law, and Harvard Graduate School of Business where he was awarded a master’s degree and, subsequently, a doctorate in Business Administration. Having acted as a member of the team that designed and developed the Portal for Intellectual Property Rights, Prof. Murphy continues his involvement with the Portal – a web resource developed specifically for entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and financial institutions to help make the commercialization of intellectual property easier and more efficient. Prof. Murphy has authored and co-authored books in the area including R&D Cooperation among Marketplace Competitors (Quorum, 1990) and Patent Valuation - Improving Decision Making through Analysis (Wiley Finance, 2012).