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School of Law Lecturer Presents in Leinster House on Ha...

03.27.2017 14:31:56 Read more

Bar of Ireland Information Evening

03.27.2017 14:25:09 Read more

New Scientist

03.27.2017 13:36:16 Read more

Advertisement: Lecturer below the bar in Law

03.27.2017 13:04:33 Read more

Masters Student awarded Summer Internship

03.27.2017 09:05:29 Read more

Workshop on Legal Research Methods

03.23.2017 09:42:32 Read more

Chief Justice’s Summer Internship Programme

03.22.2017 14:09:37 Read more

Prof Friel on the Compensation Culture on Live 95FM

03.22.2017 11:59:42 Read more

Launch of Legal Research Methods Book

03.22.2017 11:27:58 Read more

Defences in International Criminal Law

03.21.2017 17:09:34 Read more

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