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The Constitution at 80 Conference: 80 Years of Constitu...

10.02.2017 16:29:23 Read more

Presentation of the Kate Fleming Mediation Prize.

10.02.2017 10:54:27 Read more

Volunteer Awards for Law Students

09.29.2017 14:36:26 Read more

The Department of Sociology and the School of Law invit...

09.27.2017 12:18:11 Read more

Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland

09.26.2017 14:36:45 Read more

UL Law student completes Externship in the State Super...

09.26.2017 14:21:06 Read more

Bar Council Conference

09.26.2017 13:49:17 Read more

A and L Goodbody Event UL 28th September

09.25.2017 08:58:10 Read more

Faculty appointment to the Psychologists Registration B...

09.19.2017 09:18:05 Read more

Irish Aid Roger Casement Fellow undertaking Masters at ...

09.15.2017 09:52:03 Read more

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