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Katie Nagle, 4th Year Law Plus

08.01.2017 14:29:16 Read more

Laura Donnellan Presents Paper at Oxford Centre for Ani...

08.01.2017 12:55:58 Read more

Chief Justice’s Summer Internship Programme

08.01.2017 12:43:47 Read more

Friel on the legality of promotional texts and advertis...

07.25.2017 12:03:20 Read more

Get Smart: Friel on the future of legal education in Ir...

07.25.2017 11:59:17 Read more

Opinion Piece by Laura Donnellan on Professional Jockey...

07.18.2017 15:52:40 Read more

Employers who snoop on Facebook could be breaking the l...

07.18.2017 15:45:03 Read more

International Criminal Law Committee

07.17.2017 10:31:36 Read more

CCJVS Workshops on the implementation of the Victims Di...

07.12.2017 10:19:43 Read more

John and Pauline Ryan PhD Scholarship

07.12.2017 09:05:20 Read more

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