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School of Law Seminar

01.08.2018 14:41:18 Read more

“Hang ‘em and flog ‘em!

01.08.2018 12:51:50 Read more

First Graduation Postgraduate Diploma in Serious Crime ...

01.08.2018 12:03:11 Read more

Department of Law Research Seminar Series at NUI Maynoo...

01.08.2018 11:48:31 Read more

School of Law Names China Internship Winner

12.12.2017 16:39:55 Read more

Live95fm ‘Zero Hours Contracts to be Banned in Most C...

12.12.2017 16:32:57 Read more

Friel gives Brexit presentation to UL Alumni in London

12.06.2017 15:08:31 Read more

Friel discusses Brexit breakdown with Clare FM

12.06.2017 15:03:30 Read more

Irish Times - Stad Report

12.06.2017 09:55:04 Read more

School Visit: Crescent College Comprehensive

12.05.2017 14:14:30 Read more

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