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Google, the Law and Ireland as a digital regulatory hub

02.22.2023 14:46:36 Read more

Irish Legal System book wins Award

02.21.2023 15:45:34 Read more

Visit of High Court Judges and Judicial Assistants

02.20.2023 12:17:45 Read more

LLM/MA Human rights in criminal Justice students visit ...

02.17.2023 17:04:48 Read more

Dr Susan Leahy receives IRC New Foundations Funding

02.15.2023 10:25:18 Read more

Dr John Lombard awarded HSE research Grant

02.14.2023 16:21:16 Read more

All you need to know about soccer's Financial Fair Play...

02.10.2023 15:13:15 Read more

Contributions to ‘A Current Anthology of Law’

02.08.2023 16:53:05 Read more

Irish Legal System Book by Prof McCutcheon and Dr Cahil...

02.03.2023 14:14:01 Read more

Winter Conferring Ceremonies School Of Law 2023

01.27.2023 16:47:51 Read more

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