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IASIO Workshop on Mandatory Reporting

05.28.2018 10:18:30 Read more

Co-Op Placements

05.28.2018 10:15:41 Read more

Giving a Voice to Victims in the Irish Criminal Process

05.25.2018 10:10:26 Read more

Research Article in the Commercial Law Practitioner

05.24.2018 10:13:05 Read more

Medical Error and the Healthcare Profession Conference

05.24.2018 08:48:26 Read more

Concussion in Sport-Brain Injury Litigation

05.23.2018 12:29:31 Read more

Educational Trip to The Hague

05.21.2018 12:10:18 Read more

Certificate in Law of Evidence

05.16.2018 15:36:00 Read more

UL Excellence in Teaching Award 2018

05.16.2018 14:03:20 Read more

Rape Crisis Network Ireland Report

05.14.2018 11:30:19 Read more

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