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Terrorism, Crime Justice Summer School Class Trip

06.05.2019 16:15:37 Read more

CCJVS Members Participate in Criminal Justice Joint Age...

06.05.2019 15:26:47 Read more

CCJVS Host Information Session for Community Group

06.05.2019 15:15:11 Read more

New edition of the Judicial Studies Journal

06.04.2019 15:22:46 Read more

Law and Society Annual Conference

06.04.2019 12:42:51 Read more

Radio 1 Dr Andrea Ryan

06.04.2019 11:53:35 Read more

Irish Times Dr Andrea Ryan

06.04.2019 11:48:59 Read more

Call it Out

06.04.2019 11:44:15 Read more

Publication Strategies Seminar with Professor Liz Camp...

05.30.2019 16:12:16 Read more

UL PhD student in Law Alicia Maher

05.29.2019 11:28:16 Read more

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