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AI software provider Neota Logic and McCann FitzGerald ...

10.23.2018 12:26:07 Read more

Greentown Programme Design Probation Consultation Octob...

10.23.2018 12:16:04 Read more

Secondary Schools Essay Competition

10.23.2018 12:11:37 Read more

Dr Johnny Connolly interviewed by Paul Williams on News...

10.18.2018 11:56:26 Read more

Strictly Legal Eagles

10.18.2018 11:47:01 Read more

Presentation at ‘Surrogacy in Ireland: What You Need ...

10.18.2018 11:34:17 Read more

Limerick Today

10.18.2018 10:11:30 Read more

CCJVS Staff Members Attend DCU Workshop on Evidence Law

10.18.2018 10:06:53 Read more

Roundtable on Consent in Criminal Law

10.18.2018 10:04:37 Read more

Senior Investigating Office Programme Workshop

10.18.2018 10:01:31 Read more

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