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Organised Crime and Child Exploitation Conference Glasg...

12.04.2019 15:15:28 Read more

International Criminal Court Must Prove its worth

12.04.2019 14:49:39 Read more

IALT Matheson Postgraduate Scholarship Winner 2019

12.04.2019 11:51:42 Read more

Irish Conveyancing Law

12.04.2019 11:44:01 Read more

Field Trip to Limerick Prison

12.02.2019 09:29:42 Read more

Restorative Justice Conference Co-Hosted by the CCJVS

11.26.2019 11:37:13 Read more

Visit to CBS Sexton Street Limerick

11.20.2019 16:15:25 Read more

Irish Scholarships for Indian students to study Undergr...

11.19.2019 16:14:19 Read more

School of Law Student Completes Internship at the Offic...

11.19.2019 10:17:18 Read more

Human Rights and Out of Hours Services

11.15.2019 12:48:06 Read more

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