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BA Criminal Justice Student Prizes

04.16.2019 12:27:44 Read more

Fulbright Project hosted in UL School of Law

04.15.2019 09:27:07 Read more

Cambridge v Limerick Moot as part of the Law Society’...

04.12.2019 15:13:33 Read more

Holmes OMalley Sexton Scholarship

04.12.2019 10:01:16 Read more

Guest Lecture on the European Arrest Warrant

04.11.2019 14:56:54 Read more


04.09.2019 09:52:31 Read more

Institute of Technology Carlow

04.08.2019 15:48:22 Read more

Kate Fleming Memorial Competition

04.08.2019 10:26:33 Read more

Waterford Institute of Technology Visit

04.05.2019 09:08:25 Read more

IRC New Foundations Success

04.04.2019 12:55:53 Read more

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