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UL School of Law Alumni Mentoring Programme

04.14.2020 10:41:40 Read more

Law and Accounting student, Alannah Shesgreen, writes a...

04.07.2020 10:43:34 Read more

Applications Open for Bachelor of Arts in Applied Polic...

04.03.2020 11:31:58 Read more

Patricia Gilheaney appointed adjunct Professor in the S...

03.26.2020 09:56:39 Read more

Emergency Laws and Covid19

03.20.2020 08:53:43 Read more

Continuous Professional Development

03.12.2020 15:30:45 Read more

Mr Justice David Barniville seminar on the Increasing I...

03.12.2020 10:07:41 Read more

Students discuss their cooperative placement at the Pad...

03.12.2020 09:25:29 Read more

New book by Dr Lydia Bracken

03.10.2020 16:57:26 Read more

Irish Journal of Family Law

03.09.2020 13:00:34 Read more

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