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Evidence Lectures in the Law Society

11.25.2015 11:17:17 Read more

Wednesday 25th Nov: "A Lot Done, A Lot More To Do: Tran...

11.24.2015 17:50:42 Read more

Visit of the Chairperson of the Policing Authority

11.24.2015 17:50:39 Read more

Guest Lecture – “Calibrating the Right to Confronta...

11.24.2015 17:50:32 Read more

Hope Davidson - AHSS Fee Waiver

11.24.2015 17:50:08 Read more

The Laws’ Many Bodies: Studies in Legal Hybridity and...

11.24.2015 17:49:37 Read more

Nenagh CBS Visit - Professor Shane Kilcommins

11.24.2015 17:49:02 Read more

Prison Tour as a Pedagogical Tool - Visit to Limerick P...

11.24.2015 17:48:57 Read more

Dr. Kathryn O'Sullivan - Irish Times Article

11.24.2015 17:48:39 Read more

AHSS Graduate Evening-Law

11.24.2015 17:48:33 Read more

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