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Irish Criminal Law Journal

09.04.2020 16:25:43 Read more

Civil offences and House Parties

09.02.2020 11:48:04 Read more

Dr Laura Cahillane is interviewed by the Irish Examiner...

08.27.2020 10:46:37 Read more

Dr Laura Cahillane writes about the Golfgate Affair in ...

08.27.2020 10:30:42 Read more

Dr Laura Cahillane speaks about judicial discipline on ...

08.27.2020 10:01:24 Read more

Shane Kilcommins commented in the Irish Examiner

08.24.2020 10:48:45 Read more

A thousand children are at constant risk of being explo...

08.24.2020 10:22:03 Read more

UL – Dalhousie Student Exchange Agreement.

08.20.2020 12:56:32 Read more

Criminal Law Review Article

08.19.2020 19:59:19 Read more

Acting Editor of the Irish Criminal Law Journal

06.30.2020 09:59:05 Read more

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