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Raymond Holian- recipient of Rev John M Conlisk Scholar...

06.13.2016 15:20:21 Read more

Laura Donnellan - Opinion piece Racing.com

06.08.2016 14:33:42 Read more

National Negotiation Competition

06.07.2016 14:38:01 Read more

Roundtable in Dept of Justice and Equality

06.07.2016 14:17:24 Read more

University Summer School Programme 2016

06.03.2016 14:54:21 Read more

Danielle O'Sullivan LLM Human Rights in Criminal Justic...

06.03.2016 12:02:55 Read more

Eddie Keane - CPD Philanthropy

06.03.2016 11:52:17 Read more

Aileen Fitzmaurice 4th Year Law Plus, Callan Tansey Int...

06.02.2016 14:58:42 Read more

Challenges to Implementing the Judgments of the Europea...

06.02.2016 14:49:49 Read more

UL School of Law Secondary School Essay Competition Pri...

06.02.2016 10:54:52 Read more

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